Pre-Race Meal Plan/Carb Loading

One week.

Only one week to go until I zip up my wetsuit (if it gets here in time…) and line up at the starting line.

Only one week until I’ll pedal my heart out on the bike to make up for my lack of swimming/running skills.

Only one week until the day I’ve been waiting for for as long as I can remember.

I am beyond excited and nervous.

Can I carbo load yet?

Speaking of carb loading, I learned a lot about it from this article on Runners World. It’s very consistent with what I’ve learned from studying carbs in biology and I think it has some good tips that I’ll definitely be using this week.

As you probably remember from Into to Bio, your body can use both glycogen (stored carbs) and triglycerides (stored fat) to fuel itself, but it wants to reach for the glycogen first. I remember my professor referring to glycogen as “cash on hand” and triglycerides as “stocks that take a while to trade in.”

Since the fastest way to get energy is through glycogen, thats what you want to make sure your muscles have plenty of before your race.

Random side note: Run to the Finish recommends emptying your glycogen stores and starting fresh. I think I’ll try this just to see what happens (Ill do this on Tuesday anyway– 4 mile run, 1/2 mile swim, 1 hr spin class.)

So with all that said, here are some of my pre-race plans (for meals and other stuff):

  • Replace some of the fat and protein in my diet with carbs, starting tuesday.
  • Eat good carbs that I know will digest well (sweet potatoes, rice, quinoa, veggies, fruit)
  • Limit my fiber the day before the race (sorry, fruit. Ill miss you…)
  • Get an extra hour or two of sleep every night starting now.
  • Spend an hour the day before the race stretching — other than that its a total rest day.
  • Drink a little more water than usual the day before the race.
  • Honestly, I don’t want to eat the morning of my race. I never eat before I workout and I don’t think my body is ready for me to switch it up like that.

And heres some meals I’m planning on making for the week:


  • Energy Bar Bites (dates= carbs my tummy likes)
  • Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins (recipe to come!)
  • Apples and peanut butter
  • Hummus and Carrots
  • Guacamole (as an incentive to eat corn chips which are too boring on their own)
  • IMG_3442


  • Quinoa Granola (inspired by this from Oh She Glows)
  • Sweet Potato and Egg hash (recipe to come!)
  • Zucchini Apple Spice Muffins from Paleomg
  • Toast with peanut butter. Back to the basics.
  • Fruit Smoothies



Well that’s all for now, folks. If I start cooking these now, I might be done with enough time to eat them before race day 🙂


3 Part Ab Workout and a Cha-Cha

Good morning!

I apologize for my absence all week, especially after last week when I really had my blogging act together and made you think I was reliable. I blame school.

Im using this to make me feel better about my week of no blogging:

A quick recap of my workouts this week in case you were dying to know…

Monday: Ab workout

Tuesday: 4 mile run/1 hr Spin class

Wednesday: Arm supersets

Thursday: 4 mile run

Friday: Core workout

Guess what? As compensation for me not posting anything as usual, I came up with a killer core workout for you! Yayyy!!!



It’s a fun one for sure 🙂

As for food this week, Im afraid I have no new recipes for you yet. My lunch every day has looked like this:

IMG_5606Kale salad with tomatoes, chicken, and sweet potatoes. Ive also been eating a lot of these Paleo Pumpkin Pie Muffins. (Fun Fact: I have more in the oven right now.)


Ok so I lied about the no recipes thing. I do have a fab gluten free blueberry muffin recipe for you, I just need to make them again so I can take pictures for the post. Hopefully that can happen this weekend 🙂

Well thats all for now, folks. Enjoy your Friday, and don’t forget to try the new core workout!

Question of the day:

Is anyone ever going to answer my question of the day? Should I give up?


Meal Plans and Workouts for 8/19

I officially have internet! Yayness!

Life had gone on long enough like this:


I’m super excited for this week because not only do we have internet but we also have GROCERIES!!!

So without further ado, heres a few things I’m planning on making this week:

  •  Turkey and Hummus in Lettuce Wraps
  •  A sweet potato hash inspired by this
  •  Guacamole as usual
  • Turkey Burgers
  • Quinoa Salad (that Im planning on inventing!)
  • Big Frittata with Kale & Roasted veggies
  • Homemade Larabars (I’ll post my fav recipe!)

I also just started making my own roasted almond butter



It’s the easiest. It’s almost easier than going to the store to get some. Almost.

Plus there’s a great feeling of satisfaction that comes with knowing that the almond butter you are spreading on your toast is not just any old almond butter.

It was handmade.

By you.

It’s truly magical, I swear.

But anyway, I’m also hoping to get back in the habit of protein smoothies. I used to be really good at it, but I kind of slowly downgraded to pre-packaged bars for convenience sake.


I recruited this stuff as well as spinach, kale, and raw protein to make it all come together. I also hear that xanthan gum works really well for getting a thick texture so I think I’ll give it a try!

Here’s my workout plan for the week:

Mon: 3 mile run, 1000 meter row, dumbbell & medicine ball workout, 500 meter row

Tues: Tabata Leg circuit

Wed: Bicep workout and ab circuit

Thurs: Yoga, 40 mile bike ride (eek!)

Fri: Tricep workout, plank workout

Sat: 20 mile Bike ride

Sun: Yoga

 Thursday is going to kick my butt for sure!

I’m also busy working on a bunch of projects for my desk space, such as organizing my books by color.


It’s a work in progress…

Question of the day:

What new things are you cooking this week?