Hi world! So I know no one ever gets a lot of views on their first blog post, so I’ll be brief, but I figured this thing has to start somewhere if I’m ever going to be a phenomenon.  (HA! I’m too busy for that.)

So I know you’re probably like, “Um, Moriah, a healthy-living blog is nothing new under the sun,” so I thought I might clarify to you why I went and started one anyway.

On a random note, I love acronyms. So I’m giving you one now with my list of why-I-made-a-healthy-living-blog excuses. Ready? Are you still reading? Oh well.

E: Every time I find a new healthy living blog, I freak out and follow them like a stalker (OK well not like that but close.) So I’m kind of hoping that there are other people who will do the same thing, except with my blog.

X: HA I’m lost. Nothing starts with X.

C: Cycling. I love cycling. I have ever since I was itsy bitsy and my love for it has skyrocketed recently and I feel a strong urge to share that love with the world.

U: Useful. I’ve found the recipes/workouts/tips that I’ve found on other blogs to be extremely helpful, and I’d like to think that I can be someone as helpful to someone else with all that I’ve gleaned in my years as a healthy-living addict.

S: Silver Linings. This one may seem like a bit of a rabbit trail away from the whole healthiness thing, but a healthy state of mind is all a part of the package, is it not? I believe in counting my blessings and I find that it is so much easier to do when you slow down to write about them. This part is really for my own benefit. One day I would love to look back on my old blog posts and see all of the  adventures God let me have each day, whether big or small.

E: Ending my social media freeze. I’m kind of a Facebook party pooper. I have one, but I have an inner war with myself every time I even consider posting. It goes like this:

Me:”I’m going to post about my bike ride mileage on Facebook!”

Me: “But Is this actually going to help anyone?”


Me: “But everyone’s doing it.”

Me: “So if they all go running red lights, drinking A-1 sauce, and watching Hannah Montana re-runs every night am I going to join them just because everyone’s doing it?”

and usually the answer is no and I log off of my page and go pin 100 more granola recipes on Pinterest. This has gone on for about 5 years AKA ever since I first got a facebook page. The thing about this blog is that I feel it can actually be useful (see letter U) and therefore I can talk about my day with no guilt setting in. Yay for no guilt 🙂

S: Starting my business. I have a dream of being a personal trainer soon (more on that later) so I figure what better way to jump-start my career than by establishing relationships in the fitness world by sharing my ideas through a blog that I can use even as my career grows and takes on new heights? Pretty good, eh?

And thats a wrap for today, as my dog is sitting under my desk nudging my leg with his nose because it’s walk time/sniff the sidewalk cracks time (he’s the one sniffing, I’m the one walking, if you needed any clarification there 🙂

So now tell me: Would you ever start a blog? Why? And were my excuses convincing?