Back to School – Meals and Tri training

Having a really awesome weekend just makes Monday that much harder. I got to go on 2 bike rides, eat a lot of peanut butter, and celebrate my birthday. I didn’t even mind that I had to work because, um, hello– 2 bike rides.

I also did a lot of online shopping (my fav kind of shopping– no eye contact with sales people who want to pressure you into giving them more commission by emptying your wallet. Also, no trying things on.)

Hopefully it will all arrive this week so I can give you guys some reviews – I ordered a jacket from Lululemon, a grey running/ yoga tank (also from Lulu,) and tri shorts and a jersey from REI since they’re having a massive sale for Labor Day.

Also, I signed up for a Sprint Tri! I only have a couple weeks left until the race so heres my training plan for the week to try to get ready in time:

Monday: Triceps Workout

Tuesday: Lower Body Circuit; Run a few miles; maybe bike

Wednesday: Treadmill 4 miles of intervals; weights

Thursday: Rip and Ride (I think that means spin class…. Ill find out soon I guess!); Swim 20 minutes

Friday: Maybe pull out an old p90x DVD for old times sake

Saturday: 15 mile Bike ride; Run; Bike 15 more miles

Sunday: Yoga

I have no idea when I’m going to be around this week with school starting again and everything, so meals are a little nuts. I do have a few things that I really want to make though:

  • Gluten Free Meatballs
  • Spicy Turkey Burgers
  • Mashed Cauliflower (how have I not tried this phenomenon yet??)
  • Coconut Almond Butter cookies (this is going to be an experiment)
  • Mixed Berry Tarts with Almond Crust (another experiment, if I have time)
  • Mango Smoothie (that frozen mango is still sittin in the freezer)
  • More Energy Bar Bites


And the rest is probably going to be salad with Sabra hummus and carrot sticks (my go to when Im busy.)

Question of the day:

How was your weekend?

Any big races coming up?


Almost Back!

Still no internet, but it should be here in two days!

Here’s my tentative workout schedule for the week:

Monday: Shoulder workout, Ab workout; Spin Class in the PM

Tuesday: Leg supersets; Zumba in the PM

Wednesday: Biceps; Plank series

Thursday: Run; Bike; Bike again

Friday: Spin; Swim; Run

Saturday: Yoga

Sunday: Bike


Why so many extra classes? The gym next to my work gave me a free pass for a week! Im using it to get a few fitness classes in that I’ve never tried before (spin & zumba)

Here’s the leg superset workout I’m doing tomorrow morning:

leg supersets

My meals are still crazy too! Here’s some kitchen scenes from the week:




Lots of eggs and spinach for this girl! I did prep a few meals for the week, mostly just simple things like guacamole, a few salad, and baked sweet potatos. Hopefully next week I’ll be back in a rhythm of cooking real meals!

Question of the day:

Have you ever tried Zumba or Spin? 


Meal Plans, Workouts, and Things to Look Forward to

It’s kind of going to be an off week for me because my work schedule is a bit different than usual and I’ve got a couple other random things on my plate. Thus, meal planning is at an all-time low for me this week.

This is the plan:

Eat whatever I can find.

Preferably clean protein and veggies

and ALT bars.

I promise I’ll be a lot better at that in the future! Usually I have a spreadsheet for my meals.

Here’s one thing I’m eating a lot of that I’m sure will be included this week…


I’ve been wrapping sliced turkey with some avocado and tomato slices inside big lettuce leafs. I’m not Paleo (Me give up hummus? Sorry. Not happening) but I do try to follow an unprocessed, low-grain (don’t confuse that with low-carb!) diet. It’s friendly to my tummy and makes me focus on eating protein and healthy fats which I find gives me plenty of energy.


Monday: Planks and Shoulder workout

Tuesday: 3 mile run, squats and deadliest

Wednesday: Ab burner circuit and bicep workouts

Thursday: Barre workout; bike ride

Friday: Ab tabata and Tricep circuit

Saturday: Bike ride

Sunday: Slow yoga to stretch it all out

That’s all tentative but probably close to what I’ll end up doing.

Things I’m looking forward to this week:

I want to do a series on Mondays where I’ll talk about the things that are going on that week that I’m excited to do/get/read/see etc. This series needs a cool name but my creative juices just aren’t flowing…. maybe some peanut butter will help?

Anyway here’s this weeks list:


It’s got quotes from all of my favorite classics all over it- such as Sherlock Holmes, Walden, and Moby Dick.

  • The new Civil Wars album is coming out tomorrow morning!!!! So excited! Did you know you can listen to the whole thing on iTunes even though it hasn’t been officially released yet? Can you guess what I’ve listened to all week? 🙂
  • See what new stuff Lululemon Athletica comes out with. Im in the market for a sweatshirt. I don’t currently own one, and it’s a problem. I really want this one. Is it  over priced? Yeah, but the sleeve fell off of my last sweatshirt (long story) so I think I might spend the extra bucks on a good-quality one.


  • Make an inspiration board for over my desk like the ones on Pinterest.
  • Finally put my Speedplay pedals on my bike. I bought some Shimano cycling shoes last week – I ended up spending way more than I wanted but they just felt so right on my feet, I don’t regret it one bit. check em out…


Question of the day:

What are you looking forward to this week?