September Highlights

One could probably say that September was my first month of “legit” blogging, even though I started in July. It was a really exciting month and there was much to talk about! With that said, here were some of my favorite events of this past month, as well as some blogging highlights.

Biggest Accomplishment:


Finishing my first sprint triathlon!

Biggest Blogging Accomplishment:

Paleo Pumpkin Muffins

These Paleo Pumpkin Pie Muffins. You have no idea how many times they’ve been repinned on Pinterest…

Personal Fav Recipe:

PB Energy Bites

These Peanut Butter Chocolate Energy Bites. I’m eating 5-6 right now…

Biggest Thing that went on that apparently I missed:


Breaking Bad Finale.. I just watched the first episode yesterday….

Favorite Workout on le Blog


Try it if you haven’t! Remember I did it with a run followed by spin class.

Fav workout not on my blog: this Yoga Flow that I did last Sunday.

Fav Gift: These Lululemon Speed Tights. They’re super warm and ideal for running.

Fav Thing I read: This Bean Bytes post on Every Monday Lindsay rounds up a bunch of great blog posts from the previous week – appropriately titled “Bean Bytes.” For some reason I really enjoyed this particular weeks links. Thanks, Lindsay!

Fav New blog I found: Deliciously Ella. My Aunt introduced me to it a few weeks ago. I love the clean design of the blog and the recipes all look delicious! Plus she clearly knows what she’s talking about.

And thats a wrap! I’m curious to see what will show up on October’s top list!



Hi world! So I know no one ever gets a lot of views on their first blog post, so I’ll be brief, but I figured this thing has to start somewhere if I’m ever going to be a phenomenon.  (HA! I’m too busy for that.)

So I know you’re probably like, “Um, Moriah, a healthy-living blog is nothing new under the sun,” so I thought I might clarify to you why I went and started one anyway.

On a random note, I love acronyms. So I’m giving you one now with my list of why-I-made-a-healthy-living-blog excuses. Ready? Are you still reading? Oh well.

E: Every time I find a new healthy living blog, I freak out and follow them like a stalker (OK well not like that but close.) So I’m kind of hoping that there are other people who will do the same thing, except with my blog.

X: HA I’m lost. Nothing starts with X.

C: Cycling. I love cycling. I have ever since I was itsy bitsy and my love for it has skyrocketed recently and I feel a strong urge to share that love with the world.

U: Useful. I’ve found the recipes/workouts/tips that I’ve found on other blogs to be extremely helpful, and I’d like to think that I can be someone as helpful to someone else with all that I’ve gleaned in my years as a healthy-living addict.

S: Silver Linings. This one may seem like a bit of a rabbit trail away from the whole healthiness thing, but a healthy state of mind is all a part of the package, is it not? I believe in counting my blessings and I find that it is so much easier to do when you slow down to write about them. This part is really for my own benefit. One day I would love to look back on my old blog posts and see all of the  adventures God let me have each day, whether big or small.

E: Ending my social media freeze. I’m kind of a Facebook party pooper. I have one, but I have an inner war with myself every time I even consider posting. It goes like this:

Me:”I’m going to post about my bike ride mileage on Facebook!”

Me: “But Is this actually going to help anyone?”


Me: “But everyone’s doing it.”

Me: “So if they all go running red lights, drinking A-1 sauce, and watching Hannah Montana re-runs every night am I going to join them just because everyone’s doing it?”

and usually the answer is no and I log off of my page and go pin 100 more granola recipes on Pinterest. This has gone on for about 5 years AKA ever since I first got a facebook page. The thing about this blog is that I feel it can actually be useful (see letter U) and therefore I can talk about my day with no guilt setting in. Yay for no guilt 🙂

S: Starting my business. I have a dream of being a personal trainer soon (more on that later) so I figure what better way to jump-start my career than by establishing relationships in the fitness world by sharing my ideas through a blog that I can use even as my career grows and takes on new heights? Pretty good, eh?

And thats a wrap for today, as my dog is sitting under my desk nudging my leg with his nose because it’s walk time/sniff the sidewalk cracks time (he’s the one sniffing, I’m the one walking, if you needed any clarification there 🙂

So now tell me: Would you ever start a blog? Why? And were my excuses convincing?