I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Hi. I’m Moriah, and I’m really happy you found my blog.


 I live in my workout clothes 98.7% of the time, I eat 5-6 big meals a day, I run, I love cycling, I have a crazy dog, I love slurping sipping things through straws, I organize things like crazy, and I drink too much coffee.


I also listen to what my brothers affectionately refer to as “old people music.” I do this all the time, but especially when I do yoga.


 I don’t like cats, I don’t run long distances well, I don’t like bananas, I can’t do cartwheels, and I’m not very graceful (in other words, I trip over my feet and bang into countertops a lot…)


Did I mention I love cycling?


Im on a quest to create the perfect guacamole.


So what’s in a name?

The blog is called Tri-or-bust because that’s been my phrase for the past few years. I’ve been to several triathlons and with every race that I’ve been to I’ve only loved them more. I watched my dad finish an Ironman a few years back and since then finishing one myself has been at the top of my to do list.

 I did a small tri a few years ago and then took a long hiatus to work on some health issues related to celiac disease. With the big break that I took, Tri-or-bust was still my phrase because I knew I wasn’t done working towards an Ironman. My break was just a part of the process and without taking time to slow down, I wouldn’t be healthy enough to still be training today.  I just recently finished my first sprint triathlon and I’m hoping to build up to longer races from here!

Above all, I really want to work somewhere in the Exercise Science field – maybe Personal Training or Nutrition, or maybe even Physical Therapy. I’m working towards those goals, but I don’t want to have to wait until I’ve got my doctorate to start helping people live balanced and healthy lives. I know what it’s like to be unhealthy and I know what a huge setback it can be. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. So, in a nutshell, Tri-or-bust is a blog that I have created to document working towards my goals and to help others (whether your goal is race-or-bust or just be healthy-or-bust) work towards theirs.

 My main reason for living is to glorify my God and Savior, and I hope that throughout these blog posts you can see him in my life!

Disclaimer: Although I have had many years of first-hand experience related to fitness and health, I am not a doctor, a registered dietitian, or a certified trainer. Triorbust was created to document my own experiences. What works for me might not be the right thing for you. Please consult your doctor before beginning any new workout/nutrition plan.

All opinions stated on Triorbust are my own.


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