Healthy is Cheaper than Unhealthy

Good morning! Its Friday!!!! I love Friday, as I think I’ve mentioned every single Friday, and will continue to mention every single Friday. I got to sleep in a whole extra 20 minutes this morning. It was glorious. For some reason I’m now 1,873,477x more awake than I usually am. I’m also insanely sore from hill sprints, spin, and abs yesterday. I love it. It is the best feeling in the world.

Also, I get to relax and eat stuff like this – which is just phenomenal. Much better than  granola bars in a crowded student center for breakfast, like the other days of the week.


You know what makes me really mad, though?


No, not you. But other people.

Like professors who spend 75 minutes talking about how only rich snobby people are healthy because they’re the only ones who can afford it.

And then they go and talk about how they can’t wait to have 3 beers that night because of how exhausting the class is.


As you can imagine, I didn’t hold my tongue for this one.

(note for future professors of mine: Don’t even go there. I’ll make you regret it.)

Now, can a healthy lifestyle be expensive? Yeah. If you’re going to buy everything at Whole Paycheck, wear only Lululemon, hire a personal yoga instructor, get weekly massages,  and buy an unlimited monthly membership at New York Sports Club. As well as a new pair of Nikes for every machine at the gym.

And you know what? If you can afford that, I’m happy for you.

But thats not the only way to be fit.

Thus, my list. I’m calling it “Healthy is Cheap” so that people won’t be offended by the title and not read the list. But I have alternative titles for it, too. For example:

  • “Diabetes is more expensive than No-diabetes.”
  • “You won’t be making any money when you’re hospitalized.”
  • “My sneakers cost less than your cable package and recliner.”
  • “It’s free to run on the street. Unless you’re trying to run on the Mass Pike.”
  • “Bragging about how you still fit into your clothes from high school = priceless.”

And now for the list….


  • It costs me $2.50 to make a jar of almond butter that lasts two weeks. I can also buy celery hearts for a $1 and eat the two together. Your Latte and Donut cost more than that and are both gone in less than 10 minutes.
  • I can buy chickpeas, carrots, and broccoli for a veggie stir fry for the price of your Big Mac Combo. And my stir fry will last for 2-3 meals.
  • When fruits and veggies are getting old I can make a smoothie or soup with them. When your chips are stale you just throw them away….
  • Playing frisbee at a park is free. Sitting in a movie probably costs $15, and then you’ve got all of the buttery popcorn you’ll stuff in your face.
  • You could spend $40-$70ish on new jeans to hide your muffin top. Or you could just stay slim enough to wear the ones you have….
  • The endorphins that I get from working out keep me moving all day long. And they’re free. How much does a Red Bull cost?
  • Get rid of your cable! Its expensive and is just luring you to the couch. Pretty much any activity is cheaper than that.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to be fit enough to carry your laundry up the stairs without needing an oxygen mask to drop from the ceiling?
  • I wrote a play for you to finish off my list with a little pizzaz:

I’ll set the scene:

Broke Sally and her Fit Friend or going for a walk in their (free) neighborhood.

*enter stage right*

Broke Sally: Gee, I wish I could find an affordable way to do strength training – the weather here makes it hard to run!

Sally’s Fit Friend (also broke): Well, there are these things called “body weight exercises” and you can do them in your living room with no equipment. 

Broke Sally: Shut the front door! There IS a way to be healthy for cheap!

Sally’s Fit Friend (also broke): Exactly! If anything, you only gain a better, longer life by being active! What are you waiting for?

*exit stage left*


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