First Sprint Triathlon Recap — Finally

Good morning!

I’m really sorry about the lateness of this post. 5 days too late, actually. I’d like to blame it on all of my responsible school work, but the truth is I could have spent less time eating muffins and gotten this post to you on time. Oh well. I’ll make up for it later with a delicious new recipe 🙂

So last Sunday I participated in my first Sprint Triathlon. It was miserable yet completely wonderful all at the same time- you have to experience it for yourself to know what I mean.

Right before the start- my freezing cold #17 leg.

Right before the start- my freezing cold #17 leg.

The temperature was in the 40s when I first got to the race and things were just starting to warm up when the race started. I definitely froze my butt off in that water, even though it was warmer than the air.

You can see my goosebumps from here. Well, I can anyway.

You can see my goosebumps from here. Well, I can anyway.

I’m very disappointed in my swim time. I was entirely out of my element in that atmosphere and when I rewatch a video of my start I can’t help but shake my head that I looked that pathetic. It was like everything I know about swimming went right out the window and I was simply in survival mode trying to keep warm and get the heck out of that water without dying from an asthma attack. I was very choppy in my stroke and as a result I fell pretty far behind my wave.


Cycling was my one redeeming factor — I even managed to finish in goal time (50 minutes.) That, and my transition times were some of the fastest out of anyone there since I didn’t have to take off a wetsuit and I didn’t change to cycling shoes.


I was so cold I was shaking for almost the entire bike ride but, I still managed to regain some ground and pass several people on climbs. There were several hills on the course which definitely worked to my advantage — I may be slow in most areas, but I can power over hills like nobody’s business. All those 4 min wall sits on leg days weren’t for nothing.

Unfortunately, the course was not marked well — I missed a loop and had to turn around which put me back a few minutes.



My run pace was about 1-2 min slower than I wanted. In training I always did a 9 min mile and I felt great, but I just couldn’t hold that during the race. Towards the end of the run I picked up the speed because I FINALLY stopped shaking and warmed up.


My time was 2:03 — about 20 minutes longer than I wanted but I’m still happy I finished! Apparently I was 2nd in my age group but I have a feeling that was more of a “default” thing due to the fact that not many people my age did the race.

I celebrated with a plain beef patty for breakfast — another “first” for me.

Overall it was a great experience and everything that I hoped it would be. I enjoyed the scenery on the bike and run — it was all along the coast and it was breathtaking– and the racing environment is really fun, too. I’ll definitely be doing more races in the future — hopefully during a slightly warmer time of year, though 🙂

So today I’m back to the usual Friday routine– cooking, eating, and homework. I’ve got some good recipes in store for you guys!

Question of the day:

How did your first big race go?


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