August Highlights, September Goals, and Gear Reviews

I can’t believe it’s almost September, can you? It crept up on me like a ninja. August was such a cool month, I’m sad to see it go. Here were a few of my favorite parts of this past month:

  • I made my own almond butter
  • I ran 4 miles
  • The new Civil Wars album came out
  • I went for more bike rides in August than I have in all of the other months of this year combined
  • I got this jacket from Lululemon and it’s my new favorite thing


But even though September has to be full of things like school and work, I think it’s still going to be a pretty awesome month. On the agenda…

  • My first sprint triathlon!!!
  • Launching the Triorbust tshirt store
  • Finally ordering my fall cycling/running gear that I’ve been saving for (it’s already cold here in the mornings)
  • Learning how to use the funky weight machines in the gym. Thus far I’ve only ever used free weights when I’m cross-training.
  • I’m determined to open myself up to more food groups, instead of living off of things like hummus and guacamole 24/7.

And here’s a list of the gear I’ve been using/ plan to use in the following month(s):

  • Lululemon Swiftly Tech Racerback – I absolutely love these for running and yoga. They’re sweat wicking and are great on their own or as a base layer on colder days. I think I need a third one…
  • Zoot Tri Top & Tri shorts – These are what I plan to use on race day! They’re supposed to be reflective so that the dark colors don’t get hot – we’ll see if it works 🙂
  • Cannondale Women’s Gel Gloves– These are more of a spring/summer item but I’ll continue to use them until I need something warmer. They’re super comfortable and I haven’t gotten any blisters since I’ve started using these – highly recommended!
  • C9 capris – These are great for running, cross training, and yoga when you don’t want shorts but don’t want long pants in your way. They’re quick drying and the mesh part is great for avoiding that nasty thing where you’re super sweaty behind your knees. I plan to use them all year round.
  • Lululemon Swiftly Tech Half Zip– Can you tell I really like things in Swiftly fabric? I can’t help it. It’s awesome. I plan to use this for morning runs (and maybe I’ll even wear it for cycling…)
  • Pearl Izumi Softshell Jacket – As it gets colder I’m going to look into getting one of these, but probably not for a couple of months. It looks like a good quality item, though!

Question of the day:

What are you looking forward to this month?

Whats your current favorite piece of gear?


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