A Friday in the Life

Friday’s are awesome.

Mine started as usual with an ab workout-today was a circuit with russian twist variations, and crunches AMRAP for 30 minutes (yeah, I speak cross-fit sometimes when I want people to think I lift heavy things…) followed by bicep exercises for time, followed by a 5 min plank workout.


Followed by FOOD (that’s not a crossfit acronym–I mean a lot of food)



Those up there are just a teaser of a recipe that’s coming tomorrow. I know, I’m mean.

I made them for second breakfast and ate only about 15 of them.


Next I made salads for mom and I for lunch. Confession: I also had some peanut butter toast. Sometimes I like starchy carbs other than zucchini. I can hear a gasp of outrage from the Paleo section right now. Sorry, guys.

Later it was time for errands. I picked up my school supplies, textbooks, and also some ingredients for another recipe I’m hoping to perfect this weekend…



I’m not sure why I went Laker’s colors for my notebooks this year… it just kind of happened that way. Also, I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but something is telling me that I’m going to love that class…


Next it was dinner time, so I made my family’s favorite fish recipe. It’s this Mediterranean Fish from The Gluten Free Goddess. It’s kind of genius.


I was too busy wiping drool off of my face to get a really good picture.

Next on the agenda is apples and peanut butter and resting up for tomorrow’s workout- I’m going to ride 15 miles to a track, work on sprints, ride back, and eat everything.

Question of the day:

What was your favorite thing you ate this fine Friday?

Mine was definitely my newest creation… that I will be revealing tomorrow so stay tuned!


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