3 New Core Workouts & Almond Butter Ideas

Core workouts are probably my favorite. They’re one of the most important, too. A strong core is essential is having good posture and a healthy back and definitely comes in handy in nearly every sport imaginable.

When I run, I use my core to have good form; when I’m on my bike, I stabilize myself with my core; when I am doing shoulder presses, I squeeze my core so that my back doesn’t arch; when I…

you get the idea.

So here are 3 new Core workouts that you can either add to the end of another workout, or combine together to have a full “core day.”


noequipment copy

basketball copy

Incase you’re not sure, here’s how to do Side-to-Side Pushups.

Uses for Almond Butter


Have you tried yesterdays Almond Butter Recipe yet? Whether or not your almond butter is homemade, there’s a huge variety of ways to put it to use so you can reap the benefits of almonds all throughout your day. Here’s a few of my favorite classics, and a few innovative recipes from other bloggers.


Question of the day:

What’s your favorite way to use almond butter?

I’m definitely a big fan of the almond-butter-on-apples thang.


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