Almost Back!

Still no internet, but it should be here in two days!

Here’s my tentative workout schedule for the week:

Monday: Shoulder workout, Ab workout; Spin Class in the PM

Tuesday: Leg supersets; Zumba in the PM

Wednesday: Biceps; Plank series

Thursday: Run; Bike; Bike again

Friday: Spin; Swim; Run

Saturday: Yoga

Sunday: Bike


Why so many extra classes? The gym next to my work gave me a free pass for a week! Im using it to get a few fitness classes in that I’ve never tried before (spin & zumba)

Here’s the leg superset workout I’m doing tomorrow morning:

leg supersets

My meals are still crazy too! Here’s some kitchen scenes from the week:




Lots of eggs and spinach for this girl! I did prep a few meals for the week, mostly just simple things like guacamole, a few salad, and baked sweet potatos. Hopefully next week I’ll be back in a rhythm of cooking real meals!

Question of the day:

Have you ever tried Zumba or Spin? 



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